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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Depression and Anti-depressents

My pysc thinks I may have mild depression and wants me to go on anti-depressents. I'm not sure if I'm actually depressed and even if I am, not sure if I want to go on anti-depressents for mild depression. His reasons are that I'm exhausted all the time (it hasn't lifted now I'm out of the first trimester), less interested in food (I'm still eating but it feels like a chore sometimes), social isolation, and general low mood. I think that perhaps 3 out of 4 of these things are 'normal' for someone in my situation.

I still do enjoy some things and have good days which makes me think it's not actually depression. I'm able to do my job and concentrate. But then I have low days and think maybe it is. Most days when it gets to mid-afternoon regardless of how I've been during the day I normally think 'good, the day is almost over'. But again, I wonder if that's just normal for someone who's pregnant after a loss.

Do any of you have experience with anti-depressents you're willing to share with me? I guess mainly I'd like to know when you decided they were necessary. A big thanks to anyone that is.


  1. I think it is very normal to feel tired the whole pregnancy. I took naps everyday through the whole thing. My doctor told me that as long as I was doing daily activities like eating, exercise, taking a shower that I didn't need an antidepressant but she would prescribe one any time I ask. I've had some really low weeks that come and go but I don't usually stay low for more than a week. So I haven't asked for one yet.

  2. I think what you're feeling is very normal too, especially the tired thing. That could last for an entire pregnancy, not just one trimester. I'm no doctor though of course! But, the feelings you are having seem normal to me. I still have low days and low moods. I could have one for weeks! But I don't think it ever warrants going on anti-depressants. I refused those by my doctor, but everyone is different. I hope someone can give you some advice with this. (((HUGS)))

  3. i got to the stage today where i actually think i might need to go on them. i'm going to wait and get past the due date but if i'm still like this after then i need to do something. i can't be like this anymore :(

    i hope you're coping ok. thinking of you x

  4. what you describe sounds really normal to me. grief is exhausting - it can be hard to sustain good moods later in the day, week, month. it's just hard. i've got back and forth about antidepressants too. my current solution is acupuncture - it hasn't "solved" anything but it keeps me from feeling like the big gaping hole is going to swallow me up. there is something called community acupuncture, which is way cheaper than private sessions, so i'm able to go once or twice a week. if things get worse and worse over time, i'll consider the drugs again, but for now, this helps a lot and makes me feel nurtured and supported. hang in there. xo

  5. i've gone onto a low dose antidepressant now - it apparently helps with depression, anxiety and sleep. on the questionnaire they make you do i scored high for anxiety (which kind of makes me wonder if i would have been off the chart a few months back). depression, i got the score where they suggest counselling and support but that if it lasts a long time you might need meds. well i've had support for a long time but if anything it's got worse. so, meds. and i've been sleeping very badly too.

    i've only taken one so far, but i'm happier knowing that i've started. i couldn't get through on willpower alone.

    how are you doing? i've not seen you post anywhere in a while (although i haven't been watching glow so much). i hope all is well xx